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Seculabs Testimonials

Shri. Parminder Singh- Retd- Deputy Director, DRDO Ministry of Defence, INDIA

Futuristic knowledge depends on creativity and ideas, that same if egg broken by outside force life ends, if broken through inside force life begins. Great things and thoughts begin from inside as Harpreet Khattar is giving. Good Luck dear.

Gautam Jalandhari, Deputy News Editor/city incharge, Dainik Bhaskar, Ludhiana.

you have been working really hard on completing your concept and adding more useful features in your book "SECURITY BREACHED". Once this is complete in the coming weeks there will be a lot more milestones on the road of success to you. What I believe, "You wouldn't understand the view if you never made the climb". My wishes are with you.

Adv. Parshottam Lal Verma- Punjab and Haryana high court.

It's wonderful method of ideological research from Harpreet Khattar for creating something different work to help society, organizations, students and IT sector to move through the stages of changes to the world of changes. Good Luck achiever.

Ravi Suri- Managing Director- VSM Shivalik College, Batala.

This approach by Harpreet Khattar is useful to find out how the techniques can be used to benefit in projects. I believe that we are working with people who know and understand their own situation very well and can often suggest ways to improve it. The tools in this book allow readers to describe their SWOT to identify their own conclusions about what to do. The answers to the questions may even lead to the discovery of a solution.

Theresa Micheal - Educational Researcher, Author, Corporate Trainer, Renowned Socialist.

Where there is a bridge there will be a breach, the only ability of an expert is to make that bridge free from errors." With Harpreet Khattar playing the role of Akbar of the Cyberworld, giving the common man insights to be aware or else they may become carriers of cyber criminal in their pockets. The hideouts of all cyber criminals are located in the sim cards, computers, laptops and anything that has hardware and software can be hacked. One thing that this book makes aware to all that, "it is better to be safe than sorry.

Jivtesh Garg- A Visionary Educationist & Philanthropist, Director- Meenu Memorial Charitable Trust.

If you don't wanna turn your cyber or online safety net into a hammock that lulls even the able-bodied people into worrying levels of complacency and dependence, take refuge in Seculabs for confidentiality, integrity and availability of solely authorized information to solely authorized people. STAY SAFE WITH "SECURITY BREACHED". My best wishes with the Seculabs Team!

Kavita Wadhwa- Educationist (Principal, Hallmark Public School, Panchkula).

With great power comes great responsibility. My sincere prayers for the Seculabs Team for its initiatives and advent of novel as well as pragmatic approach in the world of cyber and online security to empower people to stay in the circumference of responsible global citizens in this shrinking world. May Lord steer our path to serve His creation!

Sushil Grover- MD- Shri Ganesh Industries, Ludhiana.

Today every industry need IT security and support to grow business online and other side internet hazards creating little difficult circumstances to do business freely in market due to some securities, i'm giving warm wishes to Harpreet Khattar, Founder of Seculabs for his support and giving knowledge on securities through this wonderful book " SECURITY BREACHED". Good Luck.

Chandan Suri, Founder- FTG Solutions

You're Choices, you're Chances and your Changes can change your life. Remember, in every profession you face problems but how you face those problems THAT COUNTS.. This knowledgeable personality hub "Harpreet Khattar" always do something creative and supportably accordingly reference book. Wish them good luck for their future endeavor.

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