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Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics can be defined as the process of extracting information and data from computer storage media and guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability. The challenge of course is actually finding this data, collecting it, preserving it, and presenting it in a manner acceptable in a court of law.

Importance of Computer Forensics

Cyber Forensics in India or Computer Forensics in India or Digital Forensics in India is a very new branch and is in the initial stage of development. Seculabs have given new dimensions and different meaning to cyber forensics in India. Seculabs is one of the old company has domain specific and highly specialised cyber forensics expertise and capabilities. Seculabs manages the basic level educational, training and coaching requirements of Seculabs.

Cyber crime today is becoming increasingly complex and international in nature. A domestic cyber breach can quickly change into a convoluted, on-line ID theft or global money laundering matter. To effectively address such crimes, organizations must quickly identify and leverage the most complete intelligence and be capable of following that trail.

"There are many people of poor and evil motivation who are seeking to disrupt business and government and exploit any vulnerabilities in the digital universe."

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