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  • Be it a training or a workshop, the course content is always blended with latest Research findings from R&D Cell of Seculabs.
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  • A proven track record of delivering quality services to 200+ colleges and 30,000+ students.
  • Trainers with excellent research aptitude and teaching pedagogy illustrate their findings through practical demonstrations during their sessions.

Easy to learn and hands-on sessions are given, with additional benefits of reading material, tool kit and immediate query handling. In our world of intranets, extranets, LANs, and WANs, your company's survival depends on keeping proprietary data and applications secure. Protection of information assets from criminal hackers both within and outside the company is a central IT priority in enterprises of all sizes.

Seculabs is uniquely placed to work with your organisation:

  • We are penetration testing specialists with a proven track record.
  • We dedicate all resources to our core function.
  • We are a flexible company that will professionally and efficiently work within your operational parameters.
  • We standardise our testing across business units that operate globally.
  • We understand the need for confidentiality.
  • Our testing methodologies and recommended solutions are vendor-independent and objective.
  • Our reports are understandable and can be used internally by both technical and management teams.
  • We will facilitate skills transfer to your staff and will share all intellectual property and tools while we work.
  • We train penetration testing professionals.
  • We will divulge the tools we use for your specific environment so that you know the ways into your systems.
  • As a worldwide operation, we meet your needs regardless of the size or location of your network.

Contact us now to find out how we can work with your business.

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